St. Jude Runs

COVID-19 Information

We believe that ensuring a safe environment is everyone’s responsibility. Please help us by doing your part to contribute to the overall safety of the St. Jude Runs by adhering to the following health and safety protocols for event weekend.

All 2022 St. Jude Runs registered participants running into Downtown Peoria MUST:

Provide a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of the beginning of their event. The St. Jude Runners Association will NOT enforce an event-wide vaccine mandate to participate in 2022 Point-to-Point events (running to Downtown Peoria). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Once a participant has a negative COVID-19 test are they expected to quarantine?

No, but they are expected to use common sense to protect themselves, fellow runners, and the event. This means that making more conscious decisions on ways to reduce exposure opportunities is greatly appreciated and appropriate.

Will the St. Jude Runs provide a list of testing sites?

Making the testing process simple and efficient is a key objective for the St. Jude Runners Association COVID-19 committee. Work continues on documenting information about all local testing sites (ex. Location, hours of operation, etc.) in addition to pursuing options to partner with testing organizations to conduct “mass-testing” events to ensure the high volume of tests can be completed prior to the run. More information will be shared as this plan develops further.

What is the St. Jude Telethon and Downtown Peoria Experience going to look like?

The ALSAC/St. Jude staff is working hard to develop a safe and exciting plan. Once details are confirmed we will let you know as soon as we can.

Are rapid tests allowed to participate?

Yes. Acceptable tests for participation in a Point-to-Point event (running into Downtown Peoria) are a negative result on a PCR test or an Antigen (rapid) Test that is administered by a healthcare professional. These results will be uploaded in the Bindle App as the exclusive documentation of a negative result. More information about documentation via Bindle will be shared closer to the event.  “At Home” tests are not an acceptable method to meet this requirement.

What is the time frame the negative test needs to be completed by?

In accordance with US standards for large gatherings (marathons, fitness events, etc.), the COVID-19 test must be taken within 72 hours of the beginning of the event in which you are participating in.

How will a negative test be checked?

The 2022 St. Jude Runs will utilize the Bindle app for each participant to upload test results and share with their event coordinator as proof of a negative result. More information about how to download and use the app will be provided in future event meetings.

Who will pay for the test, especially if it is not covered by insurance?

The St. Jude Runners Association COVID-19 committee is investigating several options related to the cost of testing. Making the testing process simple, efficient, and cost effective is a key objective, and the team is pursuing several free or low cost options. More information will be shared as this plan develops further.

What if it’s been past the 10 day quarantine and someone is still testing positive?

Our objective with the COVID-19 test requirement is to ensure all Point-to-Point participants do not have COVID-19.  Based on our understanding of recent infection behavior, it’s reasonable to assume that a symptom-free/fever-free participant will not be spreading the virus 10 days after infection even if they still test positive on a PCR test. Participants in this situation are still eligible to participate in a Point-to-Point event if they are able to provide a copy of their positive test taken 10+ days before the start of their event. These participants must also have been symptom free and fever free for at least 24 hours before the start of their event.

If a participant shows symptoms of COVID-19 and tests positive via a rapid test during the event, what will happen?

The participant will be quarantined and required to be sent home immediately. This is a non-negotiable condition of participating in the 2022 St. Jude Runs. All efforts to make this as quick and smooth as possible will be taken.

If a participant who registers for a Point-to-Point event (running into Downtown Peoria) has raised their fundraising goal and is unable to participate due to contracting COVID-19 or testing positive within 72-hours of the event beginning, what are their options?

The participant will not be allowed to participate in-person, but will immediately be transitioned to a Virtual Participant. The 2022 St. Jude Runs will count as a year of participation for all Virtual Participants.

Are participants allowed to register as a Virtual Runner and participate at home?

Yes! Registering as a Virtual Runner is still an option (similar to 2020 and 2021). The 2022 St. Jude Runs will count as a year of participation for all Virtual Runners.

Will masks be required for the event?

The St. Jude Runners Association COVID-19 committee is not mandating the use of masks during this event. Individuals are free to wear masks in situations they feel appropriate. All participants are asked to be respectful of others’ personal choices to create an environment in which all are comfortable. The COVID-19 committee does empower individual coordinators to establish safety protocols that meet the needs of their specific team. Please review the specific Satellite Run’s protocols to ensure they meet your own personal comfort level. If not, please contact Jillian Plunkett at for options to participate in a different Run that does.

If you have a question that is not listed, we would love to provide an answer. Please contact us to submit your question and we will add the answer to this page.

*Note: Due to the ever-changing COVID-19 climate, guidelines are subject to change.