Year Started: 2015
Fundraising Commitment: $1,000


Kate Wilson, Coordinator, 309-253-8395

Zach Sancken, Coordinator, 309-229-7919

Pam Franzen, Treasurer, 309-566-9561

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Why I Run

Because Max Duzan is cancer free because of St. Jude!

Hannah Duzan Crnkovich October 23, 2014

Mostly for fun…..yeah im a goof like that, but the fact that I’m helping others and my own health at the same time is a plus.

Shawn Micheal Garnett October 23, 2014

I have 6 healthy children and I want to run for this who can’t. 2 of my kids will be joining our team next year.

Stephanie Wilson October 23, 2014