East Peoria

Year Started: 2009
Run Distance: 0.5-2.5 mi.
Fundraising Commitment: $1,000 individual / $1,500 couple
Run Segments: relay style 0.5-2.5 mi.

Nikki and Jason attended 2008 St. Jude Runs and realized that East Peoria was not represented. They were at a gathering the next day and Nikki mentioned this to Jackie. Jackie stated that she knew someone she could get information from as what was needed to start a run. So the 2009 run was started with 35 runners.

Contact Information

Jackie Harrmann, Coordinator

Nikki Lenaway, Coordinator

Kathye Nimmo, Treasurer

Meeting Dates 

February 5 (New Runner Meeting)
February 26
April 9
May 7 (New Runner Meeting)
June 4
July 23 (Final Mandatory Meeting)

All meetings will be held at the Festival of Lights Building in East Peoria and start at 6:30 pm.  Please note the cutoff for new runners is June 11.

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Why I Run

For the love and hopes of the kids. Love the comradery as well!

Melissa Nicole Bakel October 23, 2014

For the Kids!

Lauren Bearden October 23, 2014

FOR THE KIDS, and my health, and the fun

Shawn Michael Garnett October 23, 2014